Brand Identity

Marketing with Purpose

A strong brand identity is the foundation for effective marketing. The brand identity process aligns a brand’s visual elements with a company’s mission, vision, and values, to add relevance and purpose to marketing efforts. A compelling brand identity is a powerful tool manufacturers can use to make existing communications more effective, and new ones quicker and easier to create.

Brand Identity Design for Manufacturers

Strategic Approach

Developing a brand identity system takes insight, vision, creativity, and care. REED follows a four-step process that can be adapted to fit your specific needs, based on industry, timing, budget, etc.

Existing marketing materials are reviewed, the competitive landscape analyzed, and the overall industry researched, in order to make informed decisions throughout the brand identity development process.
The company’s mission, vision, values and positioning are identified and articulated in a brand strategy document, which provides inspiration and focus for the creative process.
Visual components of the brand identity system are designed in alignment with the brand strategy to ensure that creative decisions are based on documented business objectives.
Style guidelines, document templates, image libraries, and other tools are put in place to maximize the efficiency and maintain the consistency of marketing communications.

Added Value

While the end result of a brand identity project is the crafting of a brand’s visual framework, the real value is captured over time with the brand equity that is built with consistent exposure in the marketplace. At REED, the goal is to help you design a brand building program that has the immediate benefit of making sales and marketing communications more effective, as well as the long-term affect of boosting market performance.


  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity Systems
  • Naming & Taglines

Strategy & Execution

  • Research
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Asset Management

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